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Income Society Reviews

An Income Society Review by Jane Robinson



Hello. My name is Jane Robinson from the UK and this first post will be general information about Income Society reviews I have gleaned from some exploration of the internet. I am going to join Income Society next month and report here on my findings and on my results. I can then give you updated information about it. UPDATE- I have just joined and will update this post in the next few days with my findings and take you on a look inside….this is my first video which I will update as time goes on. You can view it above


I joined Income Society just over a week ago. You can see from the video above that I have given an inside review.  I have just checked my earnings and here is the first sale of $60!! To put this in perspective, I have been trying to get sales on a website promoting a clickbank product which I started in May using another system and that has not generated one single sale. This one has happened in just over a week and I expect many more!

commission 2

Income Society is something new to the IM scene and was created by Adeel Chowdry last year in 2013. Originally it was used by a number of beta testers and the results worked well so it was made available to the public very recently. Adeel Chowdhry actually comes across very well- perhaps because like me he is from the UK!  Anyway he has been involved in affiliate marketing for over a decade and has seen some incredible success with selling products on Clickbank and obviously as an affiliate as well. He certainly knows what he is talking about.

Surprisingly Adeel starts from the premise that affiliate marketing is dead- at least in its traditional form and if you have been involved in affiliate marketing for any length of time you may well be inclined to agree with him. Google constantly changes the goalposts and there are so many slaps and punches out there you might be feeling like me- a little punch drunk. Adeel is of the view that the traditional model is on its last legs and his free book  explains this in much greater detail.  Get his Free Report Below



So What is Income Society ?

Because he is of the view that traditional affiliate marketing is on the way out he has developed a high ticket automated sales system which can pay up to $5000 per sale. This is actually a franchise model so in effect all the hard backroom stuff is done for you.  The issue with affiliate marketing is that the owner of the product pays pretty paltry commissions but collects the buyers emails and can continue to sell to that purchaser, effectively cutting you the affiliate out of the loop. A franchise business is markedly different and this is the sort of business model which has made McDonalds so successful! You actually own the business. The beauty of Income Society according to some reviewers is that traffic is sent to you as a franchise owner. I understand that the average time to recoup investment has been in the 2- 6 weeks range for those prepared to work at it although the record is 5 days!

Income Society is something entirely new to the internet marketing space.

What Do You Get With Income Society?

I can report on this once I get  going with it but there is a fee of $47 which gives access to $2000 worth of intensive training after you have completed an application form.  The reviews suggest that this training is extremely good, with videos and considerable information presented in an easily digestible form and easily worth the $2000 mark. If you are a fit for the scheme you will discuss whether you would like to become a franchisee and if you do then you will receive a personal coach and access to the franchise with its sales funnel and their marketing expertise. If you and they decide that you might not be a fit as a franchisee (and it wont suit everyone) then you keep all that fantastic training. If you become a franchisee however, then you get everything you need to make a go of the business. If you dont actually start to make money within 30 days of taking on a franchise then you get your money back and you get $1000 on top. He is that confident. What have you or I got to lose? Thats the reason I am not enrolling for another month or so, in order to give it my full attention (after holidays!) to ensure I take full advantage of everything. I will then update this post and start to give you a full insight.